Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is XPaste?

Basically, Xpaste is a platform for making money by sharing content, meaning you create your own content on our site, share it with anyone you want, and earn money from views on contents you've shared.

Unlike other similar sites, we do not place pop-up or pop-under ads on your content pages. These types of ads cause a lot of frustration and annoyance to your users. Instead, we only place banner ads which are very friendly. And we believe that this will make your users happier, meaning that you'll grow up your revenue.

Do I have to pay for participation?

Joining Xpaste will not cost you any dime. Instead, we will pay you based on the number of views on content pages you've created. The more views on your contents, the more money you earn.

You can refer to the very specific payout rates table covering almost countries in the world here.

How can I get supported?

We always try and do our best to satisfy both you and your users in the most friendly way possible. However, the malfunction will be inevitable. We understand that and are rushing to complete the customer support page as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please temporarily contact our support team by visiting the Contact page, or directly send us an email at [email protected].


How can I create an account on XPaste

Creating accounts on XPaste is simple and fast. You only need to declare the required information included:

  • Your Full name
  • The username that you would like to use to sign in to XPaste
  • The Password to login and verification for some special actions requires security
  • Your Email address

After you complete the required information, a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox. You will need to click on the link provided in this email to confirm your account.

Please note that while your account has not yet been activated, you will still be able to log in and do most of the work on XPaste. However, in order to send a withdrawal request once your account has reached the withdrawal threshold, you are required to activate your account.

Unfortunately I have misplaced the email. How do I activate my account?

With all accounts not yet activated, we will post a notice of this issue at the top of the page. In this bar, you need to click the Resend Activation Email button, then proceed to activate the account as normal.

What do I do when I forgot my login password?

There are 2 ways you can get your password back.

1. If you remember your username or registered email address, go to the Password Recovery Page and enter your username or email address in the box. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox and you will need to follow the instructions in the email to create a new password for your account.

2. Faster! If you have written down your Secret Key, you can go to the Password Recovery Page, select I want to use my Secret Key, and enter your key. If your key is valid, you can immediately create a new password for your account without having to go through the verification step with your email address. ( See What is Secret Key for more details. )

How to change my personal profile?

1. Login to your Dasboard by using you account details.
2. Navigate to Account, My Profile by using Top Navigation Menu.
3. In your profile page, select Profile tab.
4. Enter your correct information in the corresponding boxes
5. Hit Save Changes

How to change my Email Address?

1. Login to your Dasboard by using you account details.
2. Navigate to Account, My Profile by using Top Navigation Menu.
3. In your profile page, select Email tab.
4. Enter your new email address and password in the corresponding boxes
5. Hit Save Changes

After completing the steps above, a confirmation email will be sent to your new email address. Changing your email address will only take effect after you click the confirmation link in this email

How to change my password?

1. Login to your Dasboard by using you account details.
2. Navigate to Account, My Profile by using Top Navigation Menu.
3. In your profile page, select Password tab.
4. Enter your current password, new new password and confirm new password in the corresponding boxes
5. Hit Save Changes

What is Secret Key and What does it do?

A secret key is a sequence of random characters reserved for your account. This key is used in emergencies such as when you forget your password. Since anyone who owns this key will be able to access your account, you will need to write this key somewhere secret and only you know it.



How to create Paste?

Navigate on top menu to Pastes, New Paste At this page, you need to enter the title and content for your Paste which option to discourage indexed form Search Engines

What is TinyMCE Editor?

Tinymce is a powerful text editor with the same functionality as Microsoft Word on the web. We know that you will not only need to share common text, but you will also need to format them, as well as add links, videos, images, tables etc. With TinyMCE, you will perform these tasks with great ease and familiarity.

How can switch to TinyMCE Editor when creating paste?

The default text editor is Simple Text. With it you will only be able to share normal text. Any added HTML tags, or javascript code... will be omitted. To switch to TinyMCE with advanced editing capabilities, click the [Switch to TinyMCE Editor] link under the Simple Text pane.

NOTE: You need to save your work before switching to prevent data loss

Download Page

What is Download Page?

Have you ever visited sites like, or Our Download Page function is similar, but with less complex functionality and is for everyone, including you, not just for mainstream software.

With Download Page, you can share the download links of anything you own, such as software, documents, photos ... with a nice interface and easy to use.

How can I create my own Download Page?

Navigate on top menu to Downloads, New Download Page. At this page, you need to enter some simple information about your download like the name, description, cover photo, size, homepage... with options to discourage indexed from Search Engine and decide to show your download statistic at public page or not.

What is Download Groups?

Usually, you will want to share the download link for everyone, then Download Group will just like where you provide download links only.

However, the same download file, but you want to share through another link, faster for your VIP group, for example. You will then need to create a new Download Group and provide the link and password you want. You can create as many as you want Download Group without any limits.

NOTE: Each download page must have at least one Download Group, and each Download Group must contain at least one download link


Which Paygate I can use to withdraw?

We can pay you via Paypal and Payoneer. Other payment gateways will be considered in the near futureTo qualify for withdrawal, your account balance must be at least $10.00 for Paypal, or $50,00 for Payoneer.

How long can I get money?

Once you have requested your payment from the Withdraw Section, your traffic will be validated and your payment will be sent to your Paypal or Payoneer wallet. This process may take up to 4 business days (although normally it takes 1-2 business days).


Can I trust your reports?

You can trust XPaste's reports, as we use the popular IP address-based visitor identification technology of Maxmind., which many of the major Web sites use also.