[Sider module] Scoreboard Server v1.00 for Sider 6.1.0

Published: Sep 15, 2019
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Initial pack, no scoreboards

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Mini scoreboard pack from @1002MB (UCL and Bundesliga scoreboards)

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Download [Sider module] Scoreboard Server v1.00 for Sider 6.1.0 single link, released Sep 15, 2019.

Scoreboard Server v1.00 for Sider 6.1.0 features:

  • GDB-style unlimited scoreboard management
  • File packaging is identical to .cpk scoreboards - files for each scoreboard must be extracted from their original .cpk files and placed into separate folders (see image below - shows 4 scoreboards - EPL, sb1, sb2, sb3)
  • Scoreboards are assigned to competitions via map_competitions.txt file - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical scoreboard - see the included map_competitions.txt file for some examples
  • More than one scoreboard can be assigned to a single competition - in this case, script selects one scoreboard randomly
    Required folder structure for one scoreboard inside content\scoreboard-server: custom_scoreboard_name\extracted_contents_of_one_scoreboard_cpk_archive
  • .txt assignment file reloading (key 0) - available at any moment, useful for making quick fixes to .txt assignment file, without needing to restart the game
  • Toggle between manual ball selection and automatic scoreboard assignment via .txt file (key 9)
    • If manual selection is used, then manually selected scoreboard has priority over the scoreboard which would otherwise be assigned via .txt file
  • Additional options, available only in manual selection mode:
    • Manual selection through all the available scoreboards (PageUp/PageDown keys)
      • IMPORTANT: only the scoreboards which are assigned via .txt files are available for cycling-through!! A scoreboard which exists only as a subfolder in the external content root (content\scoreboard-server), but isn't assigned to any competition via .txt file WILL NOT be available for manual selection!
    • Favorite scoreboard - current manual selection can be saved permanently as a favorite scoreboard (key 7) or recalled to be used later (key 8)
  • Scoreboard previews on overlay menu
    • scoreboards have no preview files yet - someone needs to make them :)
    • preview file name: preview.dds
    • preview file location: scoreboard's top folder - e.g. <your_sider_dir>\content\scoreboard-server\sb4\preview.dds
  • Automatic selection of league-mode scoreboard(s) in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league (requires CommonLib v1 to be installed)
    • Applies only to LEAGUES - cups and other competitions are ignored
    • Script reads CompetitionEntry.bin file to determine whether two teams belong to the same league - selection may not be 100% accurate if teams have been moved to different leagues only in EDIT mod

Current limitations:

  • Inaccurate scoreboard selection during replays - saved replays do not include tournament_ID - if the scoreboard used in saved replay has been assigned via map_competition.txt, then there is no way to re-select exactly the same ball during replay - exhibition mode scoreboard is most likely going to be selected.
  • It is not advisable to change any overlay-related settings after the match-loading screen has appeared or during the match. In-game behavior will be unpredictable in such circumstances. You've been warned ;) Make your selections BEFORE you hit the Next match button.


@juce and @nesa24 for sider
Scoreboard creators: @1002MB